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Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

The Energy Body in Pregnancy and Birth


This 40-hour course includes learning about the energetic systems of the mind-body system including Chakras and Koshas. Learn how to approach teaching a prenatal yoga class with mindfulness; complete with restorative postures, guided imagery, pranayama, and meditation. Also, discover Ayurvedic self-care practices that can enhance the prenatal wellness journey and support postpartum recovery. 

What Students Learn

Pregnancy and Yoga

Understand the changing subtle body during pregnancy and birth, and the associated benefits of yoga


Teach various breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation techniques for pregnancy and birth.

Restorative Postures

Confidently lead students in & out of key restorative postures and variations for all stages of pregnancy


Use inclusive and inviting  language to foster a class environment of acceptance and compassion

Subtle Body Anatomy

Learn the subtle anatomy of the body including, the koshas and chakras, to support mental and emotional well being

Ayurvedic Principals

Learn about the Trigunas (Sattva, Rajas & Tamas) and how they can support both teacher and student

Sample Topics Covered
by Expert Staff

Restorative Yoga Poses

Pregnancy Focused Pranayama

Pregnancy Focused Meditation

Mindfulness for Labor & Delivery

How Students Learn

On Demand Lectures

View all lectures on your own schedule, as many times as you would like.

Virtual Classroom

Chat and learn along with other teacher trainers using our online learning platform.

Live & Recorded Classes

Join online or come in person to prenatal yoga classes, and access our full library of recorded classes.

Live Webinars

Trainees are able to join live webinars (when available) on topics relevant to their training.

1:1 Guidance

Meet 1:1 directly with our teachers during your program for two coaching session to help stay on track.

Printable Materials

Receive a full copy of all presentation materials and a PDF of the full training manual.


  • EB Monthly Plan

    Every month
    Pay for your training in monthly installments
    Valid for 6 months
    • Includes immediate access to online virtual classroom
  • EB - Single Payment

    One time payment to enroll in The Energy Body in Pregancy
    • Includes immediate access to online virtual classroom

Please note: We use Google Classroom as the platform for our virtual classroom.  Only personal emails are allowed with this tool - domain emails are not allowed.  Contact us for more information.


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