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Get Unlimited Prenatal Yoga Video Access with a Membership to MPYC

Milwaukee Prenatal Yoga Community is excited to announce our new membership community!

We know making it to in person prenatal yoga classes can be hard - fitting a class into your busy schedule is a challenge. But we also know how important prenatal yoga classes are to feeling your best and being a positive step in a healthy pregnancy, to connecting to baby and your body, and to help prepare for birth. Becoming a member of the MPYC allows you to meet those needs, but on your own schedule!

Membership with the MPYC offers tons of great benefits, including these:

  • On demand prenatal yoga classes: Your monthly membership gives you access to our growing prenatal yoga video library. You have access to all types of prenatal classes, taught by our Yoga Alliance registered yoga teachers. Pick a class by length, try a restorative class, a class focused on a particular physical topic, or turn inward and try a class that focuses on mind and emotional health.

  • Connect with teachers and other members: As a member, you will have instant access to our private group page that allows you to connect directly with our teachers and other members. Questions about a prenatal yoga class, or how to modify a particular pose for pregnancy? Want to chat with other pregnant mamas about pregnancy? The MPYC members only group page is the place to do it!

  • One free live class pass per month: As a thank you for being a member, you’ll get one free pass to our live yoga classes per month. Come join us for some yoga and community together, and share with other pregnant mamas.

  • Support MPYC’s mission: Your membership fee supports our mission to train more prenatal yoga teachers for social justice by funding our scholarships for BIPOC yoga teachers. Thank you for your support!

Learn more and join our community here:

Questions about membership, or have a suggestion? You can always email us at, or connect with us through our website or social media.

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