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Reduced Prenatal Yoga Training Rates for non-RPYT students

Milwaukee Prenatal Yoga Community is proud to be a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance (YA), offering an 85 hour program for those yoga teachers who wish to complete the requirements to register as a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) with Yoga Alliance.

However, we know there are those interested in diving into prenatal yoga topics, but have no plans to register with Yoga Alliance after program completion. These people may be birth doulas, medical professionals, yoga teachers or simply pregnant persons who want to learn more about yoga, meditation and Ayurveda with how it specifically relates to pregnancy. To make our program more accessible to these students, we are happy to now offer our online prenatal yoga teacher training modules at two different rate options.

The standard rate includes presentations, videos, yoga classes, manuals and all the assistance and documentation needed to complete the training to as the first step to be coming a RPYT. Full details about the course are available here.

The new reduced rate version of the class for non-RPYT registrants contains all the same material given to students who are training to be a RPYT, including presentations, videos, yoga classes, and manuals. Students can complete it on their own time, but do not have to submit the homework, class observation or other requirements needed to meet the Yoga Alliance standards for RPYTs.

Anyone interested in this non-RPYT registration path may join here:

The Physical Body in Pregnancy and Birth (coming soon)

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