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Meet the Teachers: Vanessa Johnson

Updated: May 12, 2022

Meet one of our teacher trainees, Vanessa Johnson!

Vanessa is an RN, Lactation Specialist, a Doula and owner of A Miracle Happened Wellness and Birth Services, LLC . She is also a Yoga Instructor at Yoga with Vanessa. She is the founder of the non profit Birthworkers United, Incorporated, and involved with Autism_Sisters Unite and Sankofa Village: Healing and Wellness Training Center.

You can visit Vanessa at her website: and connect with her at

What’s your background?

Peace! I am a Mom of 3 amazing humans, a Reproductive Health/OB Nurse, Certified Lactation Specialist, Doula Birthworker, Entrepreneur, and Yogi

What got you into yoga?

I signed up for a local Yoga class during a point in my life when I felt like I had given up so much of Me. I was trying to reconnect with Vanessa, and fell in Love with Yoga!

Why yoga today, and why prenatal yoga?

Yoga today continues to be my safe space, my self-care, my personal sense of grounding and connection to myself. It allows me to show up better, grow better, extend grace better, and most importantly exude peace and walk in gratitude better!

Prenatal Yoga, not only for the emotional benefits and the support that it can provide to an expecting person, but also for the amazing hip openers, as a Doula, I Love those hip openers!

Favorite yoga pose?

Warrior 2/Virabhadrasana 2

Most challenging yoga pose?

Crow Pose/Bakasana

Favorite hobby outside of yoga?

Attending Community, Arts, or Cultural Events.

What's next for you?

Within the Yoga realm…I would Love to help host Yoga retreats one day!

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